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The perfect video player for Android

Play your local or remote videos, with a very simple interface and a powerful player.

Player compatible with M3U and W3U lists

Add your own M3U/W3U list

Load video lists directly from a file, URL or a QR code.

Share lists with QR

Easily share your lists with friends and get new ones.

A very powerful player

  • Web browser

    Explore your favorite websites without ads and detect the videos to play them directly.

  • Play from URL

    Load a video link directly and take advantage of the power of our player.

  • Local videos

    Play videos from your device such as your camera recordings or WhatsApp kitten videos.

All your videos in VR

Convert any video from your gallery in real time into an incredible Virtual Reality experience.

  • Fisheye, Stereoscopic, VR 180º, VR 360º

Cast to TV

Cast almost any video to your television, even if the video format is not compatible, Wiseplay will transcoder to make it work.

  • Chromecast

Wiseplay on any device

It takes just a moment to start enjoying the potential of this multiplatform video player. Available for mobiles and tablets Android and Android TV. Join our millions of users who already enjoy Wiseplay!