Legal Information

What is Wiseplay?

Wiseplay is a video player with support for a variety of formats and protocols. The application does not include or facilitate access to any content and it is the user himself who has to provide it from external sources.

The operation is similar to applications such as VLC, MX or Web Video Cast.

Does Wiseplay include or create content?

No. If you have problems to import a list or to reproduce its content, we can not help you since all the content that you upload in the app is beyond our control.

You may have installed Wiseplay by mistake based on wrong information, but remember that Wiseplay is simply a video player, it does not include anything. The official Wiseplay information only appears on our official website and the social network profiles: fb, twitter, instagram. From our official sites you will never see video files, playlists or any other content.

Intellectual property

We take this opportunity to remind you that Wiseplay does not support the reproduction of protected material without the author’s permission and that, as specified in our Intellectual Property Policy and Code of Conduct, the effects of preventing and detecting any irregular conduct with respect to the rights of intellectual property of a third party, Wiseplay has a complaints channel ( accessible to all users of the application.

Acceptance of use

– Wiseplay does not include or distribute any multimedia content.
– The user must provide their own content to be reproduced.
– Wiseplay has no relationship or collaboration with list creators.
– Wiseplay does not support the reproduction of protected material without permission of the legitimate author thereof.


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