Do I have to pay for Wiseplay updates?

No, Wiseplay is a free app to play videos and all the updates are always free. There is only one optional  payment associated to Wiseplay, this payments hides the ads from the app forever, it is Wiseplay Premium and you can only purchase it via Google Play payment system, this is the only official and guaranteed payment.

Important: The payment is associated with the Google or Apple account that is made with and it is not valid between platforms, meaning that if you buy the Premium version on Google Play you can use Wiseplay Premium on all Android devices where you log in with that account, but not on Apple devices and vice versa.

Is there a Wiseplay version for iOS?

Yes, currently there are versions designed specifically for Android devices, Android TV and IOS (Ipad and Iphone).

Can I install Wiseplay on PC or Mac?

No. At the moment we only develop Wiseplay for mobile devices. There are some emulators you can install on your computer, but we cannot guarantee a 100% performance.

Droid4x: http://bit.ly/1LoJYF4
Bluestacks: http://bit.ly/1oCq1pf

Why can a video be heard but not seen?

This normally happens when an Android device is not compatible with the Hardware Acceleration. Please, go to preferences and Disable HW acceleration.


Video Lists

What is a .w3u list?

.w3u is a mutimedia list format based in json and inspired in .m3u to keep in the same file different video and audio links to charge them at the same time in a player, If you want to see more info about this format, you can visit the official site.

Why do some lists say you have to pay for them?

.w3u lists can be created by any Internet user with a notepad, and they can distribute them as they want, we do not create, host or distribute any lists, therefore we are not responsible for them or have any control over them. We advise you to never pay for lists, it can be a fraud and there is no way to guarantee the content you are paying for. Please, do not confuse Wiseplay and what the lists shown, we do not create, distribute o, by no means, charge for them.

Why does a list not synchronize?

Usually lists creators decide to host them on free servers that can collapse or stop working due to technical problems. It is also possible that the lists do not synchronize because they have been deleted or their author does not have them well-written and therefore cannot be synchronized correctly. Synchronizing list has nothing to do with Wiseplay, we are not responsible for the content created by Internet users.

A video in a list does not work, can you solve this?

No, if some of your lists do not work you will have to contact their author. Remember that we do not create content and therefore we are not responsible for it.

Who can make and distribute .w3u lists?

The list format compatible with Wiseplay is .w3u, a standard format for lists that anyone can create with a simple notepad. To know more about this format visit their official site.

How can I import .w3u video lists?

To import a video list click on the Add List button and introduce the URL of a .w3u or .m3u list. It is also possible to import a list using a QR code. For further information visit the following tutorial.

Can you provide me with some .w3u video lists?

No. Wiseplay is a video player that allows you to charge them and play multimedia content, but we do not create nor distribute any content.


Send Content to TV

How do I cast videos to my TV?

If you want to send content using Chromecast, first connect it using the icon and then select a video. It will start playing after a few seconds if the format is compatible. For furhter information please visit the following link.

Why doesn’t the Chromecast icon show?

Please read the following tutorial on the most common issues with uploading content using Chromecast.

Why can’t I cast a video?

If you have successfully connected Chromecast or DLNA to your device, but the video does not start playing, it is because the format is not compatible and the transcoder could not change the format. Keep your app always updated, we include improvements in every new version to help playing more video formats.

Why doesn’t the DLNA icon show?

DLNA and your Android device must be connected to the same WiFi network. If it does not show they may be not compatible.

How can I send videos to my SmartTV?

If you want to send content to your Smart TV please follow the steps in the following tutorial.


Android TV

Is the Android TV version the same as the one for mobile devices?

Yes, the application works exactly the same and it has practically the same functionalities. It only changes the design, which has been adapted so that it can be used in a simple way in a television, and also the support with video links “embed”, that is to say, those that open through a browser. Android TV doesn’t have available a good integrated browser, and it is not possible for it  to play this type of videos, but don’t worry, the app will automatically hide them so that you don’t waste your time trying.

How do I import W3U lists in my TV?

To add a w3u list to Wiseplay on Android TV you can either manually type the URL or import the backup copy you made in your mobile device via Google Drive.


In what devices does this version work?

It works in all the devices with the official Android TV Version as Phillips, Sharp or Sony TVs and Nvidia Shield, Nexus Player or Razer Forge Devices. For further information about Android TV visit the official web.


Premium Version

Why are there ads after I upgraded to Wiseplay Premium?

What can be happening is that you have logged into your device with several accounts and by default is opening Wiseplay with an account different to the one the payment was made with.

Try changing the account priority and close and open Wiseplay or restart the device. If it still does not work please write to us indicating the transaction number or the account with which you paid and we will help you to solve it as soon as possible.

Does the Premium version include any content?

It does not include any content. It only allows to use the application without ads forever. Wiseplay is a player and it does not include or guarantee access to any kind of content.

How can I purchase the Premium version with no ads?

Use the side menu, click on “Remove Ads” and follow the steps.


What does Wiseplay Premium include?

The Premium version of Wiseplay does not contain ads of any kind, forever, on any device where you log in with the same account with which you make the payment. It is only valid for the platform from which the payment is made, meaning that if you purchase it on Google Play it is not valid for Apple and vice versa.

Important: “embed” links can show some type of advertisement since they are web pages that are being loaded in the internal browser of the system, that advertising depends on the website and it is not possible to block it. The “embed” links are indicated in the lists with a square and an arrow.